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CEHIPAR (Canal de Experiencias Hidrodinámicas de El Pardo, known also as El Pardo Model Basin) was founded in 1928 by the Spanish Navy.

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CEHIPAR is an independent public center for research, technological development and technical services. Royal Decree 451/1995, 24th March, establishes its regulations and standards. It studies, makes model tests and does R+D into hydrodynamic aspects involved in the construction of military, merchant, fishing and recreational seagoing vessels.

This mission is included in the aforementioned Royal Decree, where the main functions have been defined as:
a. Experimental tests on models for hydrodynamic study and design of ships, equipment and devices.
b. Research and experimentation on energy-saving projects for ships.
c. Certification of the ship’s speed and other hydrodynamic parameters that can be deduced from full-scale tests. Standardization of those tests and of other systems and equipment, when required.
d. Hydrodynamic studies of interest in other branches of industry or science.
e. Collaboration with national and international research organizations, in order to disseminate Spanish technology within the scope of the CEHIPAR brief.
f. Promotion of the collaboration with similar foreign centers and pooling of scientific and technical research work.
g. Training of specialized technical staff in cooperation with universities and companies.

The work carried out in CEHIPAR contributes decisively to more cost-efficient running of vessels and their greater safety through optimization of hull resistance and propulsive efficiency as well as improving seaworthiness and reducing movements at sea. The Center also carries out studies into safety under extreme conditions.

CEHIPAR has responded to the ever greater industrial demands on it by building and rolling out new facilities and constantly renovating the existing ones. Its facilities are furnished with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Its ongoing research and innovation activities in collaboration with universities, research institutes and companies from Spain and other countries have given CEHIPAR the necessary expertise to act as a competent partner in developing science and services for new market strategies.

At present, its software and data bases, covering over 24,000 tests, and its experienced personnel, allow it to draw up designs, evaluations and simulations rapidly and reliably.

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